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Datum: 11. November 2018 20:30

Vera Sola is a poet, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.

For the majority of her career as a musician, she toured and recorded with other artists--for a long while accompanying singer-songwriter Elvis Perkins on the road--in turn collaborating on film scores and providing soundtracks for theater and performance art. But when it came to her own songs she was a drifter, performing alone in and out of dark bars under various pseudonyms.

In early 2017, she experienced a total shift in relation to her voice and musicianship, and only then was she compelled to record and release her compositions. In the days following, hiding out in a studio in St. Louis, she wrote, arranged and performed all the parts on her upcoming LP 'Shades.'

Sound making, for her, has always been like mediumship. A channeling. There is no template for what it should be...no genre other than the strange night music within her, born more from intuition and surrender rather than any formal construction.


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  • 11. November 2018 20:30