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Datum: 5. April 2018 21:00

Tony, Caro & John formierte sich in den frühen 1970ern in London und nahmen in Eigenregie (und mit einer Mini-Auflage von zunächst 100 Exemplaren) ihr Debüt „All On The First Day“ auf. Die Platten gab es eigentlich nur dort zu kaufen, wo die Band gerade auftrat. Das Psychedelic-Folk-Trio sang darauf Geschichten von Liebe, Jugend und politischer Verwirrung zu einer Zeit, in der sich der Begriff der persönlichen Identität erst zu dem entwickelte, was heute völlig normal zu sein scheint. Ihre Songs bewegen sich zwischen Balladen, Protestliedern, experimentellen Erzählungen und frei fließenden Jams.


Although they’ve achieved much of it in recent years, it was never for appreciation that Tony, Caro, and John came to record »All On The First Day«. The group instead formed serendipitously in the early 1970s through musical appreciation, DIY sensibilities, and an ‘all goes’ mentality. It was here within the walls of the band that they were able to provide homecoming for a group of like-minded friends and cohorts during a rapidly changing cultural climate in London.

The first pressing of »All On The First Day« was a small run of 100 spray painted copies that one could only find in the small theaters and London flats in which the band performed. The album was self-produced, with group member John behind the board as the technical director to their eclectic and experimental songwriting approach. Tony & Caro’s voices are the leading hand through the group’s nomadic and shifting song-scape; singing tales of love, youth, and political confusion at a time when the very concept of personal identity was expanding beyond anything it had ever been in prior.


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  • 5. April 2018 21:00