Datum: 26. Mai 2018 22:00


Live: The Moon With Teeth
DJ's: tba

"..this is the time for all prisoners to run wild.."

> The Moon With Teeth < / > YDM < is an open project around musician, producer and multi instrumentalist Niklas Kraft - offshoot of free improvised music - mostly performing in different constellations. For a tour from May 21-28, four musicians who have deepened each other's musical understanding in various constellations finally come together to form one beehive mind.
Broad atmospheric layers of electro-acoustic reverberations hovering on hypnotic, dense rhythmic patterns that dissolve at times into loose, fractured noise chunks.

Rahel Hutter - synth / The Cloche
Zooey Agro - voice, sampling / 13 Year Cicada
Philip Theurer - drums  / 13 Year Cicada
Niklas Kraft - ∞ / ITOE


Eintritt Euro 10 / Kein VVK



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  • 26. Mai 2018 22:00