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Datum: 2. November 2018 21:30

Mit seinem neuen Album „You, Forever“, ist der New Yorker Musiker, Songwriter und Produzent zu Gast im Nachtasyl.

As it has been said: no matter where you go, there you are. With his new album You, Forever, Sam Evian, the project of New York-based musician, songwriter, and producer Sam Owens, is here to add some eternity to that sentiment. “This is You, Forever,” he says. “It’s about accepting that you are responsible for you, that you’re in charge of your actions. Everything you do affects others and yourself, so, no matter what you choose to do, be there and learn from it.”

It’s a mantra that powers self-starter Owens, a producer and sound engineer by trade who entered the scene with his debut Sam Evian full-length, Premium, in the fall of 2016. The notion takes on a dual meaning that is echoed across You,Forever.
“There’s a ton of romance on the record,” he says. “Maybe it’s all romance.”



Supportband You and Music ab 21.30 Uhr / 22.35 Uhr Thalia Theater AfterShow Miniaturen / 23 Uhr Konzertbeginn Sam Evian

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  • 2. November 2018 21:30